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Showing Our Appreciation To Our Senior Citizens.

To show our appreciation to our senior citizens, Superior Powersports are working to help you to own an affordable transportation without sacrificing your retirement fund. The discount that we are offering of course can also be applied to ATVs, Dirtbikes, Gokarts, and other powersports model as we want you to have fun on your spring/summer break without going broke. You worked hard for your retirement fund, and we want to help you to make the best use of them.

Who Eligible and How To Receive The Discount

Our discount applies to senior citizens who are at least 60 years+. To receive the discount coupon code, please fill the following form.
Owner's Name :
Zip Code:
Product # or Type:

Please enter the following code into the box provided:

We are always strive to give you the best purchasing experience possible from us, if you have any question about this discount, please feel free to call us at 1-888-358-2887 or email us at