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A motor scooter is a safe and economical type of transportation, it is very famous amongst college students and new drivers. It is also cheaper in price compared to other type of two wheeler and safer due to a smaller and lighter engine size.
Due to the high cost of education We know that most college student are very tight on their budget, Scooters are very popular among students, you will be able to save money on gas and on the purchase of the scooter itself compared to owning a car which have a very high depreciation cost.
Superior Powersports are working to help students to own an affordable transportation without sacrificing their college money. The discount that we are offering of course can also be applied to ATVs, Dirtbikes, Gokarts, and other powersports model as we want you to have fun on your spring/summer break without going broke. We are pleased to offer special discount to our student buyer. We are also offering this discount to teachers and faculty members.

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