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Ice bear 150cc Scooter ALDO (PMZ150-11) Ice Bear Hawkeye 150cc Scooter IB-PMZ-150-3C-J Ice Bear Malibu 150cc PMZ150-10 Scooter
Icebear 150cc Aldo Scooter
Sale Price: $1,099.95
Ice Bear 150 Hawkeye Scooter
Sale Price: $1,139.95
PDI for limited time only
•150cc Air-cooled four-stroke
Front Disc/Rear Drum
Aluminum Wheels

-150cc, Air Cooled,Automatic,
-13" Aluminum Wheel,Front Disc Brake/Rear Drum Brake.
-Some parts might be slightly different than pictures due to different batches of products.
150cc, air cooled, front disc/rear drum, 120/70-12" aluminum wheels, Nylon tires.
Icebear 150 Mini Max, 150cc Gas Motorcycle 50cc Gas 3 Wheeler Trike Scooter Ice Bear Q6 150cc FULL SIZE Motor Trike Scooter PST150-17
Icebear 150 Mini Max Motorcycle
Sale Price: $1,299.95

•Air-cooled four-stroke, 150cc

•Fully Automatic Transmission
•Front/Rear 120/70-12 Tires
•Electric/Kick Start

•Air-cooled, 50cc
•Automatic Transmission
•Front/Rear Disc brake
•Air-cooled, 150cc
•Automatic Transmission
•Front/Rear Disc brake